Stefan Kohl

CEO / Technical Director, Dyadic Games

Stefan studied Computer Science at the Graz University of Technology. Originally with a background in mobile app and web development, he switched jobs in 2013 to become a mobile games developer, pursuing his life-long dream of working in the game industry. At the same time he started to learn Unity after work by experimenting with all kind of weird projects. In 2016 Stefan decided to become a freelancer to have more time focusing on his ambitious hobby project that later became "Sikanda". Three years later he relocated to Taiwan and began to built up a team unter the banner "Dyadic Games", now a fully independent game studio developing console and PC titles and providing development and art outsourcing services to customers.


Stefan Kohl的議程

用 Perforce 與 TeamCity 來取代 Unity DevOps

In-Person Day 1 - 15:00 - 16:00
語言: 英文 演講附帶中文字幕

在這場講座中,我們將探討一種替代官方 "Unity DevOps" 解決方案的方法。我會比較官方方案與自訂方案的優缺點,解釋即使是小型獨立團隊也能從 CI/CD 流程中受益,並引導聽眾逐步設置並使用 Unity、Perforce Helix Core、Perforce Helix Swarm 和 TeamCity 的整個工作流程。

這場演講適合希望為其專案引入或改進建置流程的 Unity 工程師,以及希望更好了解遊戲開發環境中 DevOps 需求的 DevOps 工程師。了解 Unity、Perforce、TeamCity 和雲端伺服器配置的知識會對聽取本演講有所幫助,但並非必須。透過本演講,您將了解如何自行設置基本的 CI/CD 流程。